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puff pastry

Want to create that rich flavour? Look no further than our traditional, all-butter puff pastry.

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Extra-thick puff pastry
for patisserie

When it comes to patisserie, thicker dough is often preferred. This is often achieved by double-fold…

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Puff pastry
with vegetable oil

Our puff pastry is made using only the freshest ingredients. Only by using the very best can we prod…

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Thanks to its unique structure, shortcrust pastry is ideal when it comes to quiches or vegetable tar…

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pizza dough

Spend more time creating the perfect topping for your delicious, freshly made pizzas with our ready-…

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sweet pastry

Fan of sweet dishes? With its unique structure, our sweet pastry doesn't rise like puff pastry does,…

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A delicious addition,
made with love

For <strong>bakers</strong>

For bakers

Our range of puff pastries is enough to satisfy all your baker’s needs. The perfect sweet pastry for tarts? A specific puff pastry for all your patisserie creations? We’ve got you covered.

For <strong>chefs</strong>

For chefs

Want to offer your customers only the best puff pastry dishes? Maître André is happy to help.

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With an eye for
quality and great flavour.

At Maître André, our puff pastry is ideal for helping you to create all kinds of baked dishes. With this convenient, time-saving dough, you can spend more time perfecting your artistic creations.

Prepared using only the freshest high-quality ingredients, all our doughs are made with love. With a six-week shelf life, simply trim off what you need and put the roll back in the fridge.

Need a thinner dough? Just roll it out a few times. Need a thicker dough instead? Simply layer two or more sheets on top of each other. Before the dough is rolled in our kitchens, we lay it over baking paper. This operation makes it all the more easy-to-use, allowing you to roll the dough out without tearing. By optimally retaining the dough's structure, you can do with it as your heart desires. For a flawless, crispy finish every time!

Your time is precious.

Maître André provide top-quality, ready-made puff pastry that's incredibly easy to use. Our puff pastry comes in 40 cm wide rolls, making it easy to keep in the fridge.

No need to make space in the freezer, either. Each roll contains 3.5 metres of dough, ideal for everyday use.

Fresh dough,
not frozen

easy to use

in the fridge

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